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Hedge Wizard, if you’re out there I want to know how you managed to see this video well before it’s official release date.  Are you some sort of Dimmu Borgir sleeper agent, subtly coercing me to give your band exposure?  I want answers now, dammit!

If you are part of the band's organization I would want to let you know that as cheesy and heavy handed as the direction may be, I really quite enjoyed the treatment you gave the video for the track Gateways.  It’s classic Dimmu.  Silly and psudo-frightening trappings that could result in even the most sensitive of children chuckling.  I’m not holding this against you of course, as I said before; I like it.  It's everything I hoped for and more.  I’ve watched it twice already and I'll suggest everyone do the same... 

Hell, make it three times for good measure.  

The new Dimmu Borgir album from which this track is taken, Abrahadabra, is set to drop September 24 on Nuclear Blast Records.

**UPDATE** Check out our giveaway, where you can enter for a chance to win one of two copies of Abrahadabra.

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