A Few Words on Dragonforce's New Singer and Measuring Distance...


Psst… Since when was Dragonforce looking for a new singer? I heard nothing about it before this morning when I got a bunch of press releases and people emailing me wondering why we didn't cover that they had found a new one.

It’s because I didn’t know, people! Didn’t know their original singer went anywhere to begin with, didn’t know they were looking, didn't know they had a new singer, and I’m really pretty impartial towards DF to boot. That being said, I’m sorry this issue didn’t receive my full attention and I’m remedying it now.

EDIT: Some research determined that I did, infact, know. I store a lot of information at any given time, people, it must have been filed under "Meh" and eventually shredded. 

After lunch I sat down and watched a video of the new singer-- his name’s Marc Hudson, by the way-- doing his thing and I was quite impressed. The man’s got some range. But I want everybody to pay special attention to the 0:19 mark. “So far away…” Y’all have seen that video right? “Dragonforce in 10 seconds.” If not, go have a look and come back. I wont go anywhere.

Now watch:

That’s funny. New singer? Sure, that might throw some old fans off but take comfort in that the lyrical content still revolves around vast distances between... stuff. It seems even with the help of a new singer, DF hasn’t been able to hone down just how far that might be. Can’t they just Google map it? Or maybe it’s just so far away that miles, kilometers, and leagues just don’t’ cut it. Like measuring a football field with a ruler.

Anyway… Dragonforce is going currently working on a new album with Hudson that should hit shelves in September, with a world tour to follow.

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