Video Roundup: New Clips from Warbringer, Blood Eagle, I Am I


First up, we have this gem from L.A.’s own Warbringer. It comes to us off their latest album, IV: Empires Collapse. It’s called Black Sun, Black Moon, and it’s thrashy as all hell. Enjoy.


Sometime ago DragonForce singer ZP Theart left the band due to “insurmountable differences.” It’s been a few years since then and we hadn’t heard a word regarding his whereabouts or activities until yesterday when a music video appeared featuring the man himself on vocals. 

We’re glad he’s working again.

Mr. Theart formed the band I Am I earlier this year which went on to release the above music video clip for their new single See You Again this week.

Intending no offence to Warbringer or I AM I, I saved the best for last. The following is the new video from Denmark’s Blood Eagle for Kill Your Tyrants. Clocking in at a mere 1:27, Kill Your Tyrants is as brief as it is brutal.


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