New Video || All That Remains- Hold On


This song makes me want to uppercut a freakin’ horse. Not in like a “Oh, I’m so stoked I love this song, I’m going to go punch Black Beauty to show ATR my devotion!” kind of way, but more like I just hate this song so bad I want to go to my neighbors house, rip my shirt off, and mow down their poor, beautiful stags.*  You know what I mean? 

All That Remains has never really been a musical epiphany, or much more than a two-bit mallcore band, but dammit if you can go downhill from that place, they’ve managed it.

Why’s everybody gone so soft? Look around you people! There is plenty to get mad at. Politics, society, maybe your dad didn’t show his love for you as much as you would have liked, broken heart, the fact that it’s October and still 80 degrees (that’s 26 C, you crazy Brits.), something, anything. Sigh.

You can check out Hold On on All That Remains forthcoming album, For We Are Many, out in one week. Or you can just dial into your local pop radio station and probably hear it there too.

*Metal Call-Out does not condone animal cruelty. “Hit your wife, not your pets.” That’s what we’re always saying around the office. **


** Okay for real real, don’t hit anyone/thing. 

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