A Bunch Of New Videos I Don’t Care About, Featuring: In This Moment, TarJa, And The Sorrow


First off, we have The Sorrow. A band that strikes me as “pretty good” with a healthy helping of “generic”. Their third, self-titled, album is scheduled for release on October 29 on Drakkar Records. I'll admit, despite my reluctance, I’ll probably give the album a good once over to see if I’m missing anything.  Or better yet, if someone could offer me up a terribly compelling reason I should dive deeper into the work of The Sorrow, let me know in the comments section and I'll do just that (at my discretion). 

In This Moment- The Promise (Official Video)

Holy shit, a video where Maria Brink isn’t wearing that damn blue dress! What happened to that thing? 

Oh, that’s right, she auctioned it

The Promise was directed by none other than David Brodsky.

Tarja- Until My Last Breath (Official Video)

I didn’t even watch this video. Having never enjoyed Nightwish to begin with, I didn’t think their ex-lead singer’s solo project could offer me much. 

Until My Last Breath comes off Tarja’s sophomore album, What Lies Beneath, out now on The End Records. 

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