An Assemblage of (Mostly Shitty) New Videos From Leaves’ Eyes, Omega Lithium, RoutaSielu, and Therion


If I didn’t know firsthand that there is so much good going on in the metal-sphere right now, a day like today might have me worried. What follows is a smattering of pretty terrible music videos all released within the last week or so.

RoutaSielu isn’t so bad, actually. Their brand of very Finnish melodic death isn’t anything we haven’t heard before but is solid. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a band led by the very busy and most talented Tuomas Saukkonen, also of Before The Dawn, Black Sun Aeon, and The Final Harvest. Here is their video for Soturi, off their debut album, Pimeys


Here is where things start to get a little shit on them. Of course, I don’ really dig Leaves’ Eyes or metal of it’s ilk so it’s all subjective. Here’s their video for To France, which comes off their new album Meredead.

It’s all downhill from here…

On a normal day I would have ignored the following videos completely and those of you who recognize this website as the greatest ever created, ever, and forsake all others, would never have known about them. I did, however, need a few more videos so I could properly call this an “assemblage”.  

Therion- Kali Yuga III, from their latest album Sitra Ahra.


Omega Lithium- Dance With Me, from their latest album Dreams In Formaline.

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