70000 Tons Of Metal Cruise- Bands and Pricing


The 70000 Tons of Metal Cruise. Wow. If you can afford the $915 per person (they get you by saying “it’s only $666 plus fees and taxes”) and can afford to be away for five days than you might want to go about seeing if you could be one of the lucky 2,000 that will embark in January 2011 on the cruise. 40 bands have been secured for the five-day, four-night cruise including Amon Amarth, Exodus, Testament and Sodom to name a few. The $915, which if you have cruised before you know that is not as steep as they come, will get you a room, all on-board entertainment, meals and non-alcoholic and non-carbonated drinks.

By my calculations, you’re looking at watching 8 bands, dropping $183 (plus drinks), and getting about four (if you're lucky) hours of rest a day for five days in the middle of January. Factor in the time spent chasing around Chuck Billy in there and chances are you're going to need to take another cruise right after this one just to wind down.

Tickets are on sale right now at 70000tons.com -- you can't book single cabins and all the $666 cabins are booked up so you're now looking at dropping $1,015 - $3,248 for a spot on the cruise. Not very metal-friendly if you ask me.

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