After A Long Day... || Sear Bliss - A Deathly Illusion


  • Artist: Sear Bliss
  • Title: A Deathly Illusion
  • Album: The Arcane Odyssey
  • Track: 2
  • Year: 2007
  • Length: 6:19 minutes (10.54 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 233Kbps (VBR)

Today has really dragged on for me, maybe it’s anticipation for a night on the town.  The Metal Call-Out crew will invade Salt Lake and see ‘Until The Light Takes Us’. Or maybe it’s the considerable lack of newsworthy developments in the metal sphere that has forced me to spend the day bitching about tours I can’t go to and posting Ex Deo videos. I really don't know. At any rate, after a long day of that, I think a track from the little-known and criminally underrated Hungarian black metal band Sear Bliss will do nicely. You can catch Sear Bliss on tour starting this April- thour dates.

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