After A Long Day... || Strapping Young Lad - Wrong side


  • Artist: Strapping Young Lad
  • Title: Wrong side
  • Album: The New Black
  • Track: 5
  • Year: 2006
  • Length: 3:35 minutes (6.98 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 271Kbps (VBR)

As I said earlier, today is an Alcest kind of day--between the new song available for download and my excitement for the upcoming album, my speakers have been blasting--or rather crooning--Alcest all day.  We also were able to bring you our thoughts on the black metal documentary ‘Until The Light Takes Usso you can make an informed decision before shelling out the $9 necessary to see it.  (You can thank us for that later.)  After a long day of that, I think I am in need of something heavy to sign off with, how about you?  Even if you answer is no, that's too bad because we are going to send you off with some Strapping Young Lad.  Click play above to hear the track ‘Wrong Side’ from SYL’s monumental 2006 album ‘The New Black’.  Be sure to check back tomorrow because we will have some killer album art work for you to feast your eyes on as well as a new ‘Shiny Penny’ to feed those ears!

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