Shiny Pennies || The Arcane Order - The Superior Collision


  • Artist: The Arcane Order
  • Title: The Superior Collision
  • Album: The Machinery Of Oblivion
  • Year: 2006
  • Length: 5:14 minutes (4.47 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 118Kbps (ABR)

For the past few months, this spot has almost exclusively been reserved for black metal bands with limited following, but today I thought I’d change the pace a bit and feature some death metal.  Melodic death metal to be exact, in particular the brilliant tunage of The Arcane Order.  The Arcane Order was formed in 2000 when Flemming Lund’s band Autumn Leaves, was on the verge of a permanent breakup and Lund sought out members for a new band.  Things didn't get rolling right off the bat and it took the band almost five years to come together to record a demo and six to complete an album.

In 2006, they officially released their hard-hitting debut ‘The Machinery of Oblivion’ and despite being backed by a major label (Metal Blade), The Arcane Order has seen limited press.  Since 2006, the band has released another album ‘In The Wake Of Collisions’ which weighed in as another brilliantly performed, recorded and produced album worthy of much more to-do than the band received.  The track that you can hear above comes not from the most recent album, but from their debut ‘The Machinery of Oblivion’.  What better place to start for new listeners than the beginning?  Click play to hear the song ‘The Superior Collision’, then head on over to the band’s myspace page and show them some love.

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