After A Long Week... || Hot Weekend?


This week on MCO (an equal opportunity employer) we were generous enough to bring you:

-New live-footage from The Prophecy 23
-A concert review from an Alcest show in which Alcest magically (tragically) was not ‘all there’.
-An interview from the Canadian symphonic blackened death metal band Hollow
-A threnody concerning a certain band e-mailing us guff about shit music
-A power metal-filled Tuesday
-Brian Posehn’s hilarious take on why he’s more metal than you
-A new Shiny Penny featuring The Arcane Order
-Album artwork from Psycroptic
-And lastly, a chance to play a little game called “6 degrees of Scar Symmetry”. (You can win a prize!) 
Have a hot weekend and check back next week for more metal news, music and reviews.

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