P.O. Box Surprise Part I || Nahurak - Terror Pontifex


  • Artist: Nahurak
  • Title: Terror Pontifex
  • Album: Adversarial Ligature
  • Track: 1/5
  • Year: 2010
  • Length: 4:07 minutes (5.66 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

Yesterday I sauntered down to the local post office for the bi-weekly Metal Call Out P.O. box check. Of the things I pulled out that day, a whopping two of them really stuck out, so with the next two articles I figured I would share my thoughts and with permission from both bands, a track or two for your sampling pleasure.

The first demo I popped in my CD player was from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma natives Nahurak. The package they sent me was simple and concise with a brand new (plastic wrapped and all) CD and a short printout I still haven't actually read. The music within the gatefold met my ears with delightful surprise as Nahurak are clearly in the process of perfecting an unusual hybrid of grind and black metal with death metal riffs and vocals that span all three genres almost seamlessly.
This brings me to one of two beefs I have, or for this purpose we’ll call them criticisms – I don’t need to be so damned opinionated. Every so oft, the otherwise impressively competent vocalist Nick Cebalo engages in a sort of deep pig squeal thing, and not being a huge fan of that style to begin with, left me feeling a bit robbed. With that said and the sum of all its parts, Nahurak is an outfit of two very capable musicians doing something too daring to appeal to some, or in my case, daring enough for me to want to pay extra close attention to what is going on. I have no doubt this band is going places. Obviously not to the top of the pop charts, but an obscure fame and cult following is not an unrealistic possibility.  Take a listen to the track Terror Pontifex above, visit the band’s myspace and let us know if this charming little duo has made a fan out of you in the comment section below. If you want to hear even more of and about Nahurak, have no fear – I plan on featuring them again as they are a perfect fit for our Shiny Pennies segment.
Ah yes, I almost forgot my second criticism I teased you with earlier! Upon visiting their myspace page, it seems all too meaningless, but I could really do without the programmed drums. It seems the band agrees with me though, as they have an advertisement up right now for a drummer, whereby leaving my complaint (almost entirely) without merit. Everyone at the Metal Call-Out compound is anxiously awaiting some new material from that band that will (hopefully) solidify our already positive opinion.

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