Video Clip || Periphery- Icarus Lives!


I keep hearing about the band Periphery. There are some metal blogs in the blog-o-sphere that practically live day to day with Periphery’s swollen member deep in their throats and won't stop sucking.  So today, with the prompting of a press release, I finally checked them out. I watched the video above and listened to a few tracks on their myspace and in short, I'm feeling a little underwhelmed and confused.

They tout themselves as (and from all the aforementioned ball gargling I figured they were) a metal band. But this... this is just post-hardcore-y ‘meh’. As for the post hardcore label, I always thought it was a shorter way of saying ‘emo kids that outgrew their eyeliner and got (a little) better at guitar’. Whatever you want to call it, I don’t like it and you won't find me ‘nom nom nomming’ away on it anytime soon.

Even though this band has absolutely no place on this site I thought I would share my opinion, especially to those wondering why I haven't jumped on the Periphery train. Now you know my opinion on the matter and now I want to hear yours, the comment section is all you -- feel free to sing my praises, sing Periphery’s praises, call me a dumb ass, I can take it (try to leave my mother out of it though -- that’s just not classy, you know who you are). Sticks and stones.

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