Vanja Gvozdanović - It Can't Go On Like This Anymore


  • Artist: Vanja Gvozdanović
  • Title: It Can't Go On Like This Anymore
  • Album: Christine
  • Track: 8
  • Length: 5:04 minutes (4.7 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

This will probably be my last post today.  My motivation level is around a two and I think it’s best if I spare you anymore canned articles.

With some careful thought, the meager staff of Metal Call-Out discussed and agreed that we’d like to let you readers into our world a little more, so each of us will pick a week and tell you about whatever band we’ve been listening to the most.  Luck of the draw, my week is the first and the band getting the most love from me lately is Depressor, aka Vanja Gvozdanović

I first found Depressor on a random MySpace search (for another Depressor) about three months back and was instantly impressed by the first track ‘A Fork in the Road’.  Much to my surprise and delight, all of his albums are available for free download with links right there on his page. 
I assume to avoid confusion with the other Depressor band, this Depressor now goes by his full name, Vanja Gvozdanović.  With song titles like ‘My Playstation Passed Away’ and ‘Homework Aint Going To Write Itself You Know’, one might think this is another incarnation of silly, crappy auto-tuned deathcore/crunk/Nintendo/whatever, but this isn’t the case.  Vanja Gvozdanović is a composer, really and truly.  With music ranging from electronic, symphonic, (black) metal and generally dark ambient sounds, Depressor paints eclectic soundscapes intended for escapism.  (Escapism from the aforementioned ‘core’ genres as well as escapism from traditional black, thrash, doom, death metals or whatever you have.)  Thus far I’ve only heard one track that has vocals on it, the rest are instrumental, spanning anywhere from a few minuets to half-hour epics. 

Vanja Gvozdanović is a welcomed break from the monotony of my day-in-day-out sampling of metal all the time and for that, he receives my nod (and appreciation) for Staff Pick of the week.  Don’t take my word for it though, you can hear the track ‘It Can't Go On Like This Anymore’ by pressing play above, or you can visit his page here

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