Metal Can Look Good Too || Blind Guardian- Nightfall in Middle Earth


Blind Guardian’s 1998 'Silmarillion' inspired record, ‘Nightfall in Middle Earth’ is a quintessential record all metal-heads should own. The record tells the story of Tolkien’s 'Silmarillion' cover to cover with peices of spoken word and power ballads throughout. Besides the joyous journey through Middle-Earth the listener will find within, the cover art of the album is also a particularly noteworthy experience. Illustrated by the great  Andreas Marschall, who has lent his hand in the creation of cover art for bands from Helloween ('Pumpkin Tracks') to In Flames ('Whoracle') and more, the cover depicts the scene of Lúthien dancing in front of Morgoth. You can see more of Marschall’s work after the jump.

Blind Guardian- 'Tales From The Twilight World' (1990)

Nocturnal Rites- 'The Sacred Talisman' (1999)

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