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Blind Guardian has done a pretty impressive job of slowly releasing bits of information here and there about their upcoming album ‘At The Edge Of Time’. If you follow the site at all, you probably have noticed that we have devoted quite a bit of page space to Blind Guardian and have followed each step of the revelation process with keen interest. That being the case, we are proud to share with you the announced album art for ‘At The Edge Of Time’. The artwork (seen above) reminds me of most of the other Blind Guardian albums, in particular 2006’s ‘A Twist in the Myth’ and so I think it’s safe to assume the artistry duties were carried out by the same man, Anthony Clarkson. Enjoy, and keep coming back for more Blind Guardian news leading up to the summer release of ‘At The Edge of Time’.  After the jump you can check out the track listing for the album BG announced today along side the cover art.

At The Edge Of Time:

01. Sacred Worlds (9:17)
02. Tanelorn (5:58)
03. Road Of No Release (6:30)
04. Ride Into Obsession (4:46)
05. Curse My Name (5:52)
06. Valkyries (6:38)
07. Control The Divine (5:26)
08. War Of The Thrones (4:55)
09. A Voice In The Dark (5:41)
10. Wheel Of Time (8:55)

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