Heavy Metal Albums Every Fan Should Own || #2: Metallica- Ride The Lightning


A look through Metallica’s illustrious (and at times not so) career and there is one album among many that we can all agree upon: Ride The Lightning.

One of only a handful of sophomore albums not to fall to the old “sophomore slump” adage, Ride The Lightning was released in 1984 on the indie label Megaforce. Certified gold in 1987 and then 6x(!!!) platinum in 2012 despite never cracking the top 100 in the US. This was the record that put Metallica on the map if for anyone who may have ignored or overlooked their debut, Kill ‘Em All. This is truly a great record. This is a record everyone that would call him or herself a heavy metal fan should own and put on regular rotation.

Next time on Heavy Metal Albums Every Fan Should Own…we venture across the ocean to a cold, white north.

As HMAEFSO is an ongoing column, feel free to let us know what albums you’d like to see on the list and why in the comments section below.

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