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There are numerous albums you should own from Iron Maiden, but 'The Number of the Beast' stands higher than the rest.  

'The Number of the Beast' was the third studio album released by band dating back in 1982.  This album marked the debut of vocalist Bruce Dickinson and was the final appearance of drummer Clive Burr.

It was the first record for Iron Maiden to reach No 1. in the UK Albums Chart and became a Platinum in the United States.  The songs "Run to the Hills"  and "The Number of the Beast" were the fans favorites.

These songs not only put the band on the map, but helped pave the way for other Heavy Metal genre during this time.  As Iron Maiden was considered Satanists in the United States and there were multiple public burnings of the band merchandise.  Their tours were often boycotted and venues were surrounded by activists.

The album has been awarded:

  • 100 Greatest British Albums Ever
  • 50 Heavists Albums of All Time
  • 40 Best Albums of the 80s
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  • 100 Greatest Guitar Albums of All Time
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If you don't have this album in your collection, it's time to take a chance on a classic.

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