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If you frequent the site you probably know that for the most part, I try to choose serious album artwork to feature in the segment, but there have been exceptions. Today is no exception (to the rule about exceptions) because, as you can see above, we are talking about Yngwie Malmsteen’sTrilogy’ album. Well received and classic by anyone’s standards, 1986’s ‘Trilogy’ topped out on the Billboard Hot 100 list at 44. You could argue that musically, the two preceding albums were better than this one, but perhaps in some small way, the cover art makes up for this. Really though, the cover art for the previous albums and most following simply cannot compare. This album cover has gone on to inspire many artists in how they present themselves visually and was even cited as an influence for the creators of the video game ‘Brütal Ledgend’ and if I’m not mistaken, it is the first instance of Malmsteen’s signature pose from ‘Fire and Ice’. You can check that out after the jump.

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