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We’ve featured Bathory’s album art in this editorial before, and it’s not for lack of originality that I do again.  Bathory has had great album artwork, featuring either classic paintings or simplistic graphics void of computer aid.  This cover from 1990’s ‘Hammerheart’ is a section of Sir Frank Bernard Dicksee’s 1893 painting, ‘The Funeral of a Viking’.  Dicksee, besides having an unfortunate name, painted mostly portraits of rich women in the Victorian era.  However his stand out work is the richly colored, pre-Raphaelitie depictions of anything from Romeo & Juliet to Vikings and historical English settings.  After the jump you can see a larger, full version of ‘The Funeral of a Vikingas well a few more of Dicksee’s better paintings.

"The Funeral Of A Viking"

"The Crisis"

"The Shadowed Face"

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