Van Canto- ‘Into the West’ Music Video


Anyone who knows me knows I love The Lord of the Rings and most things Lord of the Rings related. So of course my interest was piqued when I read the press release that Van Canto had covered the song "Into the West" from the soundtrack. The original version is a fantastic song and I hoped Van Canto could do pull it off and do it justice.

I think they did and did.

I love it when metal bands venture out make something decidedly non-metal. Granted, for an a cappella metal band that’s already defying convention it’s not such a stretch but it still breaks up a decidedly metal album nicely.


You can find the track "Into the West", "The Final Countdown" (Europe cover), "Holding Out For A Hero" (Bonnie Tyler cover), "Paranoid" (Black Sabbath cover), and nine other tracks on Van Canto’s latest album "Dawn of the Brave". 

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