OF THE ARCHAENGEL: Artwork cover signed by Septicflesh's vocalist


The artwork cover of "The Extraphysicallia", OF THE ARCHAENGEL's debut album, was revealed, and can be seen below. The art is signed by Seth Siro Anton, Septicflesh's vocalist and bassist. Among his recent works are arts made for bands like Exodus (The Atrocity Exibition), Paradise Lost (Paradise Lost, The Enemy, Requiem), Moonspell (Night Eternal) and Soilwork (Sworn to a Great Divide). As previously reported, the album has 9 songs and features guest vocals by Sakis Tolis, ROTTING CHRIST's vocalist. According to the band, the album "sounds like a movie soundtrack, where you can hear the evolution of a story in each track and new details are noticed on each hearing." After being delayed, "The Extraphysicallia" has a new release date, scheduled to the second half of November, available in Europe by Sleaszy Rider Records.

 More information about Of The Archaengel and their upcoming album are available at www.ofthearchaengel.com and www.myspace.com/ofthearchaengel

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