DevilDriver - Pray for Villains Album Review


  • Artist: DevilDriver
  • Title: Pray for Villains
  • Album: Pray for Villains
  • Track: 1
  • Year: 2009
  • Length: 4:03 minutes (8.93 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Joint ster 44kHz 307Kbps (VBR)

DevilDriver is back again with the new album Pray For Villians (2009). The album contains most of the pieces you would find in a DevilDriver album. All the band members pieces are there, but there's something missing in the DevilDriver Pray for Villains album.

Pieces include Dez Fafara loud vocals, Mike Spreitzer and Jeff Kendrick crazy fast guitar riffs, Jon Miller bass and John Boecklin running the double bass on the drums. You just need to take all of these elements to DevilDriver and bring them down a notch.

I'm not saying that they have gone cold or soft, their music energy and distortion is down a tone from their past albums.

Don't get me wrong this Album is Awesome and continues to grow into your regular playlist of music. Songs like Fate Stepped In, Pray For Villians and Bitter Pill are still fast riffs, angry screams and lots of energy. More like their past albums. The album as a whole doesn't have the energy or distortion as their other albums.

This album does show the band's increase of talent and maturity. This new album's music seems to come together better than any of their other albums. That can only mean that they are becoming better musicians and more comfortable in playing with each other, knowing everyone's styles and abilities.

Dez vocals have a cleaner tone and less distortion in the Pray for Villains album. I wonder if they were going for a bit of a different style or if his vocals are wearing out on him, like so many of our respectable hardcore singers. With being at the age of 43 and singing in the metal industry for 15 years (1994) you can't blame the guy.

Just keep on bringing the Metal!

Track List:
01 Pray For Villains
02 Pure Sincerity
03 Fate Stepped In
04 Back With A Vengeance
05 I've Been Sober
06 Resurrection Blvd.
07 Forgiveness Is A Six Gun
08 Waiting For November
09 It's In The Cards
10 Another Night In London
11 Bitter Pill
12 Teach Me To Whisper
13 I See Belief

Special Edition Tracks:
14 Self-Affliction
15 Dust Be The Destiny
16 Damning The Heavens
17 Wasted Years


01 Documentary
02 Interviews

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