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The first time I was introduced to Scar Symmetry it was something that I had never heard before. There was such a dynamic change in their music. And with Christian Älvestam's vocal ability, they were a band like no one else.  But things have changed.
With Scar Symmetry losing Christian Älvestam due to some personal conflicts, the band was in search for a new vocalist. What they found were two guys to fill one guy’s shoes. Roberth Karlsson (deep growls) and Lars Palmqvist (clean vocals) were introduced to Scar Symmetry in October of 08. 
After a year of the separation and rebuilding they release their new 2009 album “Dark Matter Dimensions.”   When you first take this album in you are expecting “Scar Symmetry,” but what you get is something different. I know different singers means different song, maybe style. But keeping the name Scar Symmetry brings some expectations. 
Scar Symmetry Review - Dark Matter DimensionsScar Symmetry’s style is still a dark melodic style that is heavy, fast and still has deep dynamics. But the songs just don’t bring the energy that Scar Symmetry is known for. There is something missing, maybe it is Christian Älvestam, maybe not.   There isn’t that effect in this album as their past albums. Roberth growls and deep singing were very good, but Lars clean vocals were too soft and hollow.
Overall the album is good, but it’s not what I was expecting. Songs like “Mechanical Soul Cybernetics” just make you wonder “What were they thinking? Then you get songs like “The Consciousness Eaters” and you believe there is hope to bring back the same energy and style. 
For all you metalheads in the community that have checked out the album, go ahead and comment below and share your thoughts on the new album.
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