Patrick Kistler From Eluveitie Leaves The Band


Today Eluveitie has announced that Patrick "Päde" Kistler is longer part of the band. There haven’t been any further details on the reason for the decision.  Patrick has been a part of Eluveitie for the past six years by playing the bagpipes, whistles and acoustic guitar.  For the time being Matteo Sisti from Krampus will be filling in to the remainder of their European tour.

Eluveitite posted this about the situation:

At the same time, we can announce that we have already found a very talented musician to step in and keep the show going: multi-instrumentalist Matteo Sisti, from our friends and colleagues at Krampus, has not hesitated to jump in and learn our full set in just a few days. A big THANK YOU goes out to Matteo and Krampus at this point - in the midst of the European leg of our Origins World Tour, their support is much appreciated. Matteo is joining us as a temporary session musician for the remainder of this tour. We can't wait to rock the stages together for you!

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