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Sonic Syndicate,

I’ve never really been a fan so it isn’t my place to bitch about your “new direction”, or whatever. My only complaint is that you are clogging this series of tubes we call the internet and I can’t seem to go one week without an email about you or stumbling across the pop metalcore  wank you’re still trying to pass to your old fans as metal. I’ve listened to many of those disenfranchised fans recently, really listened, you know? And I’m sorry to say it’s almost unanimous... they’d like you to go. 

Obviously my opinion on this matter really isn’t that important for the previously stated reasons (see paragraph 1, sentence 1) but we’d like to see your resignation papers by end of next week. Please understand, it’s nothing personal -- we operate on a system of supply and demand. I demand the metal-sphere be free of your abhorrent pop culture pseudo-metal and you supply me with one last press release (suggested headers; “Sonic Syndicate Calls It Quits” or "Sonic Syndicate: No Longer To Release Material Labeled Or Associated In Any Way With Metal”)  then we’ll be done with it. 


Me  :)

Turn It Up is off Sonic Syndicate’s latest album, We Rule The Night, out now on Nuclear Blast Records. 

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