Battlecross Releases A New Song "Spoiled"


A brand new song from Battlecross has been released from their upcoming album 'Rise To Power'.  The new album will be released on August 21, 2015 by Metal Blade Records and you can check out the new song below is called "Spoiled".

Guitarist Tony Asta had this to say about new single:

'Spoiled' kicks in with a heavy rockin old-school vibe and progresses into a brutal more technical feel. It's also a really fun song to jam.

The subject matter and lyrics of 'Spoiled' were inspired by the dependency on modern technology, more specifically the cyber world. An entire generation thrives from its use but does not know what it was like before the internet existed. It IS a great tool, although the magnitude of its impact on our everyday lives sometimes gives me the chills.

This is the only song I had a hand in writing lyrics for and you can thank the 'phone-gazing zombies' for it.

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