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News of a DVD featuring professionally shot footage (the same that was broadcast into theaters months ago) of The Big 4’s performance in Bulgaria has been floating around the interwebs for some time now, but I’ve been hesitant in making any announcements because for the most part there hadn't really been a consensus  on prices or release dates. That’s all changed now because officially announced the release date and a few package deals and it’s officially expensive as shit.

I’m not talking about run of the mill fecal matter from your dirty computer chair-shaped butts, I’m talking about that coffee that’s made from civet* guano. It can go for more than $50 a pound -- that’s 38.29 euros for just under half a kilo for those of you reading this from Europe -- and estimating shipping weight of the deluxe version of this DVD set, it would make more financial sense (cents, lol) to order 2 lbs. of bat poop coffee and trick your friends into drinking it, than inviting them over to watch The Big 4. After popcorn, yoo-hoo’s and the DVD’s themselves, you could be looking at a bill well over $200 (that’s 153 euros, you crazy Swedes) and that’s not including the possibility of medical bills and insurance increases when you’re moshing in the living room and your skinny friend (I like to imagine his name is Russ) gets knocked through the TV set. Sigh.

Still, that wont stop myself and probably many of you from hocking our old snowboard at the local A+ Pawn and shelling out the $99.99 (plus S+H) for the box set. Included in digi-pack set, is full shows from all four bands (Slayer, Metallica, Meagdeth, Anthrax), behind the scenes footage and interviews, a poster, Cd recordings of all four band’s sets, a poster, photos of the bands, and a limited edition “Big 4” guitar pick. 

Oh and look at that, the Big Four Box Set comes out October 29 -- that’s my birthday -- so if anyone still hasn’t picked me up a gift... you know.

Click here to pre-order the Big 4 Box Set. 


* Civets are mongoose looking things, responsible for the outbreak of SARS all those years ago in Asia, and apparently enjoy the caffeine buzz from ingesting whole coffee beans only to poop them out later to be sold to coffee snobs and high society.

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