Big 4 of Thrash Tour???


So, MTV.COM is reporting the possibility of a Big 4 of Thrash Tour (Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth), according to them Lars Ulrich was discussing the possibility with "some people", this news both frightens and excites me. Some questions to consider:

  • Will Metallica and Megadeth actually get along, or will Dave and Lars be on one big "drunken fight coaster"?
  • Is this a giant stunt to pad the pockets of Metallica?
  • Will the other bands call accountability to Metallica for sucking now?
  • Will the other bands even want to go because Metallica sucks now?
  • Will this tour somehow cause Metallica to suck less?
  • Finally, where is the closest location to me, and how much are tickets? (I have a first born I am willing to trade)

Chew on that, fanboys. 

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