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If you follow The Ruins of Beverast on facebook then you become privy to some much appreciated updates from Van Records, a distro in Germany that houses some great black metal acts of the raw and ritualistic variety.

One such update came my way this afternoon and included two bands I think you, dear reader, just might enjoy.

Firstly, we have Graupel. This German raw black metal outfit has been active since 1995 and released their second full length, Am Pranger…, late last year but it show’s up in Van Record’s latest releases section so here we go:

Graupel-Schwarze Feder

You can pick up Am Pranger on Van Records right now and I highly suggest you do. If you want more of a taste than the above video before you commit, most of the album can be heard on youtube.  Dig?

Nextly, Min Kniv

A Norwegian band this time featuring, shriek vocals, hypnotic melodies, and no bass. Well, no discernable bass anyway. Min Kniv creates their brand of black metal regressively as shit. You won’t find programmed drums, keyboards, or samples on this EP—just pure, simplistic, upbeat, and heavily atmospheric black metal. Think early Darkthrone with a touch, nay, a hair of Forgotten Woods. They are probably my favorite of the batch of shit I found today. 

Min Kniv’s 2007 demo, Av Aske, was rereleased recently, completely re-mastered with a new layout. Follow this link to listen to a sample.

What’d you think? Got an unknown gem you think we should hear? Let us know in the comments section. 

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