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Today the Swedish black metal outfit, Shining (not to be confused with the avant-garde, jazz, prog-whatever band from Norway) released the very first video in the band’s 15 year history, set to the track Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel off their latest album VII / Född Förlorare. Since the video is graphic, I guess, we’ve included the censored version above. The uncensored version, which really isn’t bad at all but probably not for those sensitive to blood or over 70/under 15, can be viewed after the jump.

VII / Född Förlorare, translated means “born loser”, Shining’s seventh full-length offering, featuring guest appearances from members of Watain, Arch Enemy, and Arcana, is available now on the band’s new label, Spinefarm Records.

ShiningFörtvivlan, Min Arvedel (Uncensored)

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