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The last few days, weeks even, have belonged to Motörhead. For, as you may or may not know already, they have a new album on the way, The World Is Yours, and their publicist is on top of it. Interviews, audio samples, special package deals, and general Motörheadium have dominated the metal press lately. I’m sure you’ve noticed.

[Pictured: Motörheadium]

I’ve been watching the whole thing from somewhat of a guarded distance, opting instead to wait for the album’s official release (that’s going down this Friday, BTW) before indulging in some ‘head, but today they’ve released the first official video off the new record for the track Get Back In Line and I could resist no longer. 

Check it out after the jump. 



Get Back In Line is the third track off The World Is Yours, out this Friday December 10, Lemmy is a B.A.M.F., and audio samples from the entire new album can be found on Enjoy. 

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