Slayer’s New Video For World Painted Blood (Is Bad)


Just watch, then we’ll discuss:

Pretty terrible, right?  The animation is just not up to par, the shots of the band puppet style boarder on “this must be a joke” bad, and as one blabbermouth commenter described “the whole thing looked like an underfunded episode of Metalocalypse”. That’s a pretty spot-on observation and I’ll go ahead and take it one step further and say regardless of if Slayer knows or not, regardless of if you think they have gone soft or not, they deserve better. Or at least owe the fans a bit more effort. It’s freakin’ Slayer, who has been able after almost 30 years to manage to keep us entertained until just a few hours ago when this video dropped. 

If video killed the radio star, who killed the video? I haven't seen a worthwhile metal music video in longer than I care to remember and it’s a sad day when I will admit that in the same week the likes of Lady(makes me)Gag-a releases a more interesting and visually stimulating video than Slayer (see the video I speak of after the jump). 

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