New Video Clip || Black River- Lucky in Hell


This is what happens when a few aging black metallers from various other projects get together and decide to make a rock band... mediocrity at its finest. 

Black River is something of a super-group that consists of Orion (Behemoth), Daray (Dimmu Borgir), Taff (Rootwater), Kay (Neolithic) and Art (Soulburners) with engineering duties fulfilled by Malta, also of Behemoth. Really the only reason I clicked the press release to begin with was my interest in seeing what a motley crew like that would look like playing together. Alas, not a single shot of the band appeared throughout the video, instead it follows critically acclaimed Polish actress Magdalean Cielecka on a whiskey soaked night of reckless abandon. Or something to that effect -- I walked away unclear as to what the concept was. 

Black River's new album Black’n’Roll from which this track comes, will be released in North America on July 20 via Armoury Records/Eagle Rock. You can hear more of the album (if you really want to after that) on the band's myspace.

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