Some New Tunes From Abigail Williams, The Autumn Offering, All That Remains, And More


There’s a lot of new stuff out today so in lieu of giving each instance their own post I thought I’d devote just one to as many as I could, to be updated throughout the day.  Here we go...

>Black-ish metallers Abigail Williams are streaming the track Final Destiny of the Gods off their forthcoming record In The Absence Of Light, due out September 27 on Candlelight Records. I gotta say, the band really stepped it up with this track. The lost my interest years ago but this new material isn’t bad, reminiscent of Dissection, and much lighter on the usually over-bearing keyboards. 

> All That Remains announced the cover art and titled of their new album yesterday, calling it For We Are Many. Today they released the title track of said album as a free download. I haven't downloaded it, nor do I imagine I will but if you’re interested, go here to check it out. If you can conjure up a terribly compelling reason I should hear it, let me know in the comments section. 

>On August 31 The Autumn Offering will release their new self-titled album on Victory Records. If you want a sampling of what the band describes as their “...most crushing release to date” head over to their MySpace page and take a listen to the new track Synapse.

>Atmospheric Black/ Death rockers Valborg released a new track today on their MySpace page titled Battlefield of Souls. The track is purportedly off their forthcoming album Barbarian, tentatively due on in 2011. 


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