After a Long Week || I Kissed a Girl


In case you just tuned in, this is what happened this week on Metal Call-Out:

-KrokusToo Hot video

-Ronnie James Dio’s final concert footage before his death

-Iron Maiden’s new song as well as a free download link

-Video from super-group Black River

-Free EP download from Shroud Eater

-On the Brink of Extinction video from Napalm Death

-News on Exodusstreaming concert

-A new Shiny Penny featuring Forest Silence

-Kick ass album artwork from Emperor

-A full stream of Equilibrium’s forthcoming album ReKreatur

Since I get to write this segment every week, I try and make it fun for you as well as myself.  I’m not giving you any dancing Care Bears this time, but I did find a special musical snack on youtube. It’s nothing substantial, but everyone at the Metal Call-Out compound was amused. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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