Please accept my apologies for not being around to entertain y’all yesterday. You see, I spent the majority of the day lying on my back with a puke bucket within arms reach, sippin’ on Gatorade after a fun filled night of tainted mexican food, excess, and projectile vomiting. 

Here’s what we missed:

>>DevilDriver revealed the cover art for their new album, Beast.

>> Rob Halford commented on Judas Priest’s final tour.

>> The metal world celebrated the life and times of Dimebag on what was the sixth anniversary of his passing. 

>>Suicidal Tendencies announced an Australian Tour

>> Ross The Boss frontman, Patrick Fuchs narrowly escaped being a victim of the December 8 rockstar curse. (See: Lennon, Darrell, Dingly)

>> I got 85 new emails/press releases/demo submissions. I’ll get to them, people. I promise.

This link storm was brought to you by those fish tacos I’ll sadly never be able to stomach again and Gatorade G2. The low calorie sports drink that’s as smooth coming up as it is going down. 

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