Amorphis: In The Studio, New Record Expected in 2011


Sorry about my absence yesterday, ya'll.  I had to see a guy (the DMV) about a horse (car) and if you live in the States you know that no matter what time of day it is, the line for that place is always out the door and around the block twice.  It’s government efficiency at it’s finest.   Sigh

Anyway, in my absence Sparks was good enough to fill you on the new Behemoth DVD but unfortunately didn’t get the email I did about Amorphis and their new album.

In short, Amorphis has entered Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki -- which I can only assume means much of the record is already written -- to begin recording their tenth album, to be released in early 2011.  As with their last few, this new album will be released on Nuclear Blast Records.

If you head over to Blabbermouth, you can download a short video clip of the band in the studio.

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