After A Long Week... || T.G.I.F.


This week (like most) had its ups and downs.  In it we brought you:

-News of the American Carnage Tour.
-Mat’s Review of the Twilight of the Thunder God II tour
-A new Solution .45 track streaming in all its controversy inducing glory
-Nile(!) tour news.
-Confirmation of rumors on the Alice in Chains/Deftones/Mastodon tour (oh yes- It’s happening)
-A new Norther track (and you can download it too!).
-More Dark Tranquillity tour dates.
-Another Shiny Penny aaaaaand another installment of our famed ‘Metal Can Look Good Too’ editorial.

Should the timing work out, tonight I'll be heading up to Salt Lake to watch Savage Sword play and engaging in endless hours of thumb bruising, mind numbing video game play.  What are everyone else’s plans for this weekend?  Whatever they may be, be sure to squeeze in some time to check back with us on Sunday for the Sunday Stream and engage in some trolling on the forum! |m|

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