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Ugh! There’s nothing going on today. (Or at least there wasn’t this morning when I wrote this) I’m bored. My inbox is empty and I’m tired of dragging the murky lakes of metal news in search of something to entertain all you little buggers with. Luckily for all of us I got a trick or two up my sleeve...

Anyone fancy some estrogen injected metal? No, I’m not talking about European power metal, I’m talking about Frantic Amber -- a Swedish all girl metal band that released that video you see above for Wrath of Judgement just last week.

Frantic Amber has been doing their thing since 2008 and though that’s a such short time, they’ve garnered quite a following in the underground, been courted by a few small record labels, and were abel to pull together a professionally shot music video -- all with out releasing a single full length album. Perhaps more importantly, thanks to Frantic Amber, I stumbled upon a website I probably never would have called Metal Ladies. In it I learned all about band like Ac/DShe, Dia ( all-female Dio tribute), and Slaywhore (Slayer tribute).  And for that, I thank them. 

For more information on, or to hear more music from Frantic Amber, take a peek at their MySpace page

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