As The Day Breaks || A Rant & Keep Of Kalessin News


This morning I got a disturbing little email from some dude that represented some horrible band that has a “HUGE industry buzz” and blah blah blah.  Let’s call the guy who sent the email ‘Tom’, mainly because his name was Tom.  Included in the email was a really horrible Hole-esque music video of said band, or more just some skank screaming and dancing around in a bikini presumably to turn me on.  It didn’t work.  Tom went on to say that said band would be touring with another band.  Still not interested.  In short, while this little diatribe of mine will reach many eyes, it is meant for you Tom, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.  For everyone interested you can view the video I’m talking about after the jump, but I refuse to name the band and potentially gain them more press.  

In other news today, Keep of Kalessin have a new record coming out pretty soon and last week they released a track off that album, ‘The Awakening’.  We brought you news of that and for completist purposes we wanted to let you in on another track the band released today on their MySpace, ‘Judgement’.  Both tracks can be sampled here and come from the band’s upcoming release ‘Reptilian’ -- due out June 8 on Nuclear Blast Records.  Side Note: There is going to be a lot of power metal on the site today, so be prepared for epicene and epicness alike.

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