Masterplan Frontman To Release Dio Tribute Album


This guy is either on the ball or loves money so much it sends his “creative genius” into frenzy. Today, just over a week after Dio’s passing, Jørn Lande of Masterplan has already announced a tribute album, released the track listing, had the cover art created, wrote, recorded, made a video for and released an original song about Dio and his passing.

The album, simply titled Dio, is expected to hit stores July 2nd, leading me to believe he was probably working on this stint even before Dio passed. As practical as it may be, it is also that shitty. Shitty like the song in the video above and shitty like the death of a legend and the subsequent botching of his namesake that will go on for years to come. Let the man rest in peace and the family grieve for a moment before you go creating tributes and other money making schemes. The real tribute to Dio is his music—listen to it, not over commercialize it (you know who you are), or sell products to “help us remember”. Come on people, show a little decency.

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