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Hey guess what, you see that video below this? That’s actual footage off While Heaven Wept’s new DVD, the same DVD, it just so happens, that we are giving away this month. I came to work today feeling a little disheartened about said giveaway, because we put it up yesterday and last I checked we only had one person who wanted it. ONE!?!? So I thought to myself ‘maybe no one knows who While Heaven Wept is’. I didn’t until about a two years ago, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just watch the clip below and if they don’t rock your socks right off your damn feet, I won’t give you anymore shit about not entering the contest. But if you like what you see--get your name in the running, you’ve got nothing to loose and potentially a DVD/CD combo to gain. Deal?

Enter the contest here, duders and duderettes. Do it now!

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