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I was wading through the often murky waters of heavy metal yesterday when a thought struck me. “Where are all the Icelandic metal bands at?” Sure Iceland is home to a population half that of the least populous state in America but metal is universal, dammit, so I set out to find me an Icelandic metal band. After a search that took a lot less time than I expected, I found the Metal Archives lists a total of 62 (though I’m sure there're more), I clicked one at random and discovered a gem.

Níðhöggur. I don’t know how one would pronounce their moniker but I do know that they share their namesake with a mythical Icelandic dragon that gnaws on at the root of the World Tree, Yggdrasill. Cool, huh? There is also no place (that I could find) on this world wide web where one could pick up a copy (legally or otherwise) of their demo, Revelation of a Dark Mind. Not so cool. Again according to the Metal Archives Níðhöggur is active but I can’t find a webpage, myspace, or anything to prove their actual existence. That is, except for... 



If you couldn’t tell for yourselves, Níðhöggur are fucking good. Like, really fucking good. Sadly, all I’ve got are those videos and a less than complete wiki page to share but hey, it’s something new right? Probably something you’ve never heard before. Enjoy. 

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