Slaughter Lord! Slaughter Lord! Slaughter Lord!


I’m a big fan of Steve Hughes, an Australian comedian, metal fan, and, I found out recently, musician. Hughes’ humor is a sort of social commentary on oppression, homosexuality, and the oh-so irrational human animal, all with a heavy metal slant.  Watch:

As I mentioned before, Hughes is also a musician, a drummer, and of the number of bands this very funny man has preformed in, my favorite, the one you should know, is Slaughter Lord. A seriously good thrash band that released a few demos between the years of 1986 and ’87 then finally compiled them into a full-length best of titled Thrash Till Death ’86-87 in 1998. Within you’ll find 9 cutting tracks of blackened thrash madness, Slayer inspired riffs, and keen, sort but oh so sweet solos. The production is raw like a full grain leather condom and might prove to be something of a challenge for some but if you can get over it, herein lays some top shelf mid-late 80s cult thrash no fan of the ilk should be without. Listen to the track Destructor below:

Besides Slaughter Lord, Steve Hughes has played drums for the bands Nazxul and Mortal Sin and now tours and makes appearances at festivals doing his stand up. As a comedian Hughes has released one album, Heavy Metal Comedy, available here or on itunes. After the jump you can view a few more videos of Hughes’ irreverent comedy or you can just find some for yourself on youtube.  


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