New Video || In this Moment- The Gun Show


Much to my chagrin I feel obligated to share this video because I know that a few of you out there actually enjoy this band.  Other than the uhm... large guns Maria Brink is packing I really don’t see the appeal. David Brodsky, who directed this video, has also preformed visual duties for the likes of Arsis, Pig Destroyer, Three and Strapping Young Lad among many others.  His video for Strapping Young Lad’s track Wrong Side is quite alike the above video despite featuring an immensely talented group and so I will use that as my justification to redeem myself here and feature the video after the jump.



While I am on the subject of Strapping Young Lad there is this, which despite receiving such positive feedback on youtube as “Fuck yeah dude!!!! so fuckin badass yo!!!!” and “His vocals are insane aren't they lol”, is a massive disgrace.

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