As The Day Breaks... || Deftones- Diamond Eyes Video


Hey folks!  Admittedly we're a little late on this Deftones video--for that I apologize. You see, it would have been up yesterday evening, but I went to go see a man about a horse around 3 and wound up going about an hour too far north and found myself generally lost.  As most of you are not familiar with Utah geography I will spare you the details--all you need to know is that what should have been a hour and a half drive turned unto a five hour adventure that left little time or energy for work on the site.  Now I am back and intend to keep my ass firmly planted in my seat and do some real work.

So from the Deftones’ new album ‘Diamond Eyes’, enjoy the title track in video form and be sure to pick up the album when it releases May 5th.

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