Album Stream || Deftones’ Diamond Eyes


We already set you up with the new Deftonesvideo 'Diamond Eyes' earlier this month and now the entire ‘Diamond Eyes’ album is available for streaming.

Deftones has certainly evolved from the days of ‘White Pony’ (I can’t say I much like them pre-White Pony) and there was a lot of anticipation to see how ‘Diamond Eyes’ would unravel, being down their main bassist.  I like the new album, but unlike the guys around the office, I’m into the ‘softer’ side of metal.

You can buy the album and if you want something special, the deluxe version of the album (via iTunes) includes three exclusive covers, ‘Do You Believe’ (The Cardigans), ‘Ghosts’ (Japan) and ‘Caress’ (Drive Like Jehu).   Give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comment section.

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