SparksFury’s Top 10 Metal Albums of 2010


For my list of Top Albums of 2010 you will find various genres of metal. Thrash, Nu, Death, Folk are just a few that will be included. 2010 was an interesting year for metal albums. There was some highly anticipated albums that lived up to their reputation and some that didn’t…I’m looking at you Iron Maiden. Then on the flipside there were some albums that you thought had no chance in hell, but turned out to be solid. So I present to you with SparksFury’s Top 10 Albums of 2010.


10. PanteraCowboys From Hell (Ultimate Edition)

Released: November 22nd

To start off my list I bring you the remastered “Cowboys From Hell” from Pantera. As everyone knows Pantera was one of the most influential American metal bands and “Cowboys From Hell” was one of their best. I’m sure just remastering it and putting it out was just to bring in some cash, sad thing is that most of us Pantera fans fell for it.

Best Tracks: Cowboys From Hell, Psycho Holiday, Cemetery Gates


09. DeftonesDiamond Eyes

Released: May 4th

Some call it Nu Metal, others Non Metal. Either way Deftones’ “Diamond Eyes” made my list. As I stated in my Diamond Eyes Review, this Deftones’ album isn’t like their early alternative metal albums. But this album shows a strong maturity and professionalism.

Best Tracks: Royal, CMND/CTRL, Diamond Eyes


08. High On FireSnakes for the Divine

Released: February 23rd

This year was my first experience with High On Fire. Surfing around on Google I noticed that they have five albums total. I have some work ahead of myself. Anyways their new album “Snakes for the Divine” is a great album with a bunch of dudes making great metal music. I’m usually not into stoner metal, but I can make an exception with High On Fire.

Best Tracks: Snakes for the Divine, How Dark We Pray, Frost Hammer


07. Abigail WilliamsIn The Absence of Light

Released: September 28th

Say what you want about Abigail Williams, I’m in the same boat. But “In The Absence of Light” is a turning point for Abigail Williams. They have produced a solid black metal album, which has put some of their fan base on the fence. But if you’re looking for a melodic black metal album, check it out.

Best Tracks: Final Destiny Of The Gods, Infernal Divide, The Mysteries That Bind The Flesh


06. FinntrollNifelvind

Released: February 17th

Finntroll is one of the popular folk metal bands in the community and their album they released this year will only strengthen it. Would I say it was the best folk metal album of the year….no, but it’s pretty damn close. One thing you will find in Finntroll’s new album “Nifelvind” is that every song grabs a hold of you in a different way. Some song you want to headband and some you want to sing along. If you’re into folk metal, this one is a must have for the year.

Best Tracks: Solsagan, I Tradens Sang, Blodmarsch


05. The AbsenceEnemy Unbound

Released: September 14th

The Absence rarely gets any good ratings and reviews. But I feel like their new album is not only a great album, but an improvement from the earlier albums. This album showcases everyone’s talents from guitar, bass, drums and vocalist. If you don’t dig the new album “Enemy Unbound” then you should take a step back in time 3 years ago and check out “Riders of the Plague.”

Best Tracks: Enemy Unbound, Erased, Solace


04. Kalmah12 Gauge

Released: February 24th

There isn’t anything new with Kalmah’s new album versus their old albums. Just another great produced solid album. I will say that I can constantly listen to this album and not get tired of it. It has great rhythm, riffs and song structure. If you haven’t given the new album “12 Gauge” a listen I highly recommend it.

Best Tracks: One of Fail, Godeye, Bullets Are Bind


03. KataklysmHeaven’s Venom

Released: August 20th

Kataklysm’s new album “Heaven’s Venom” could easily be higher on this list, but I’m going to stay with number three. Their new album has a great deal of diversity. Almost all the songs have a different style and feel to them. And after seeing some of these songs live, it just makes this album that much better.

Best Tracks: Push The Venom, A Soulless God, At The Edge Of The World


02. EluveitieEverything Remains (As It Never Was)

Released: February 19th

Now when I said that Finntroll didn’t have the best folk metal album of the year, this is why. Eluveitie’s album “Everything Remains as It Never Was” is one of the best folk metal albums I have listened to. Their song structure, melodies and rhythms are top notch and they have proved to be the most talented folk metal band in the genre today. Even if you’re not a folk metal fan, you should still check it out.

Best Tracks: Thousandfold, Everything Remains As It Never Was, The Essence of Ashes


01. Dark TranquillityWe Are the Void

Released: February 24th

For my number 1 album of 2010 I’m going with Dark Tranquillity “We Are the Void.” This is an amazing album. It’s everything that you would hope for in a Dark Tranquillity album. It has great music, vocals and song structure. Their talents have improved from their earlier albums and are becoming one of the best melodic death metal bands today.

Best Tracks: Dream Oblivion, The Fatalist, At The Point Of Ignition


There you have it some guy that doesn’t know what he’s talking about picking the Top 10 Metal Albums of 2010. I know, I know it completely wrong so help me out and post some comments what you agree with or disagree with….fuck, just put your own list.

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