Brian Posehn is More Metal Than You


That is actually a pretty bold statement.  Backed by a joint Harvard and Yale scientific study, I have been told that Metal Call-Out readers are upwards of 31% more metal than their peers, 18% of that being specifically related to visiting this site -- so take that Mr. Posehn.  On the real, this video is good for more than a few lulz (what did you expect?), and if you haven't picked up the album from which it comes, ‘Fart and Wiener Jokes’, do so immediately.  ‘Fart and Wiener Jokes’ is available right now in a ridiculous array of assorted limited-edition packages from Relapse Records or simply as MP3’s on iTunes.

Disclaimer: If you intend to watch this at work, you might want to plug in the old headphones or at least turn the volume way down, I don’t know that the guy in the cubical next to you will appreciate some of the finer points of the humor.

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